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On Friday September 9, 1978, Ijebu-Ode Grammar School, the oldest and without doubt one of the best Secondary Schools in Nigeria, threw its gates open, as it admitted a new set of students into class one for the 1977/78 session. This set of students thus began their adventure that spanned five (5) memorable years, graduating in June 1983.

 After graduation, the most important thing on the mind of each member was how to be successful and to excel in life. Consequently, members were spread all over the country and even travelled the world in pursuit of work and further studies i.e. the Golden Fleece. Today, the set can boast of Ph.D. holders, Associate Professors, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Bankers, Engineers, Lecturers, Business tycoons, Bishops, Imams, Teachers to mention but a few, among our members.

 Since the inauguration of the set, members have become more familiar with one another. The rotations of meetings have also made it possible for all active members to know one another’s residence and immediate family. The set has put in place some welfare programs such as – Life Insurance policy, Group Accident policy, annual prayer and gift giving to the widows of our members and end-of –year-get-together.

 Regardless of the relative young age of the set, it has proved to be one of the formidable and most reliable set of the JOGS FAMILY. Members of the set have served on various sensitive committees of the National Body, Lagos State Branch and Ijebu Branch.

Today we can boast of an ArchBishop and a Professor amongst our members.